In this lesson you will learn how to set up the Arduino IDE on your computer.

To install the Arduino software go to the Arduino,cc download page and download the latest software. (currently version 1.6.7). This is a windows .exe file, the program will install itself when you click on it. Just click on the I Agree button and the insatllation begins. After the installation of the program the USB drivers will automatically install. After everything is installed you will see the Arduino short cut on your desk top. Click on the short cut and the Arduino IDE wiil open.

To tell the Arduino IDE which type of board you are using. From the 'Tools' menu, select Board and then 'Arduino Uno' or other board you are using.

Also on the 'Tools' menu, you will find the 'Serial Port' option. Select this option.

Select the port that you are usung, there will probably only be one option here and it will either say COM3 or COM4. Even though there maybe only one option, you will still need to select it.