This weather station displays temperature, humidity and pressure, it also displays the time and date. It uses the Arduino Metro mini. The Bosch BME280 sensor is used to read the data from, also a real time clock chip is used to read the time. All the data is displayed on a 2.8* TFT color screen.

weather station 2




 metro mini 328  Arduino Metro Mini 328  €18,32
 weather station bme280  BME280 sensor board  €4,50
 weather station 3  RTC DS3231 board  €4,50
 weather station tft  2.8" TFT LCD screen  €33,95 
 breadboard  breadboard   €4,00
 weather station wires  breadboard wires  €3,00

 The weater station has 4 modules that are connected to each other. The RTC and sensor module are connected with the I2C bus to the Metro Mini. The TFT module is connected with the SPI bus to the Metro Mini. The power is supplied with the USB connector to the Metro Mini, and also supplies the power to the other modules.

weather station schema


All is assembled on two half breadboards

weather station bb