A Graphical LCD (GLCD) is an LCD that can show pictures and text, The come in different sizes. The GLCD used here is a 128x64 pixels.The GLCD is controlled  with the ATMega16, the GLCD HG1286418C-VA with a S6B0107/S6B0108 controller is used.

 See below for the pinout of the display. The display has 8 data bits and 5 control bits. The databits are hooked to PORTB and the control bits are hooked to PORTD of the Mega16. A small PCB board is made for easy connection to the microcontroller. The programs are made with the BASCOM-AVR compiler which has various functions to control the GLCD. The program shows text and a picture on the display. A library file needs to be included in the BASCOM program file, the library contains commands to control the display like

  • Setfont - Sets the current font which can be used on the graphical displays.
  • Lcdat - shows text on the display
  • $BGF - Includes a BASCOM Graphic File in the program.
  • Showpic - shows a graphic file on the display
  • Line - draws a line on the display
  • Circle - draws a circle on the display
  • Pset - Sets a single pixel on the display

GLCD sch GLCD brd