Most of the AVR microcontroller have a timer with a PWM channel. With this project a tone is generated using the PWM channel of the microcontroller. By changing the PWM duty cycle different tones can be generated. The microcontroller used is the ATTiny2313 miucrocontroller.

In this project an audio signal is generated to provide a tone of a required frequency. The tones are generated by the hardware timer of the microcontroller. The microcontroller used in this project is the ATTiny2313. Also the duration of the tone can be specified. When a sequence of tones with a specified duration is played by the microcontroller, it can create any music you want.

This electronic cricket is a fun project. A real crickets chirp at night and faster in warmer temperatures. A cricket chirp is composed of a group of three sinus waves of a single frequence of about 5kHz. occurring in rapid succession.